Dress up your wedding with 18K gold Cartier jewelry

The wedding is made into a Chinese style believe that a lot of people have become inevitable choice, the Chinese wedding is no longer the impression of stereotypes, conservative, not fashion impression, from the wedding jewelry to the dress, as long as a little modification can be very fashionable, and 18K gold Cartier jewelry Will be a good choice for your wedding dress.

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Before the Myanmar and her boyfriend Philip Lee’s wedding can be described as a sensation, but for her this one-style Chinese wedding style I feel still lacks, although Myolie Mika refined, luxurious wedding dress shape fire friends circle, but the Chinese may be due to elements With too conservative and seem boring, the rest of the wedding and wedding modeling almost cover all the current trends, it is worth learning from.

Cheap cartier love bracelet

Cheap cartier love bracelet

Cartier jewelry replica with traditional dress as much as possible to choose the red jewelry is more appropriate, such as ruby, tourmaline, spinel, or you can choose the orange coral gem, and diamonds are never wrong with the shiny characteristics But also very suitable for wedding occasions such as festive.