What are the benefits of investing in diamonds

As one of the hardest gems in nature, diamonds are rare and precious. They are not only often used to make exquisite jewelry such as replica Cartier jewelry and fake Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, but diamonds are to some extent the new beacon of consumption, investment and collectibles . So why diamond investment is so hot, what are the benefits of investing in diamonds?

Senior Cartier jewelry investment has always been favored by financial enthusiasts, in addition to the previous hot gold Cartier jewelry, colored gems, with the rising diamond prices, diamond investment has now become a new financial management, subject to more and more More investor attention. The benefits of diamond investment are greater than those of other investment products. Here’s a look at the industry media’s analysis of the prospects for investing in diamonds and several reasons for investing in diamonds:

First, diamond anti-inflation

With the global decline in diamond production, diamond prices all the way, sales have risen sharply, quietly became a new hot investment and financing varieties. Since 1934, the price increase of diamonds has greatly exceeded the inflation rate, and investment in diamonds can protect investors’ capital from being eroded by inflation.

Second, the diamond intimate, easy to carry

Diamonds are the personal wealth investment that guarantees the most privacy. Unlike other forms of investment, investors must look for investment wealth custodians, such as investment banks, custodians banks. What diamond investors own is tangible assets that are directly held by themselves. And diamonds are not large, more private storage, safe.

Cheap cartier love bracelet

Cheap cartier love bracelet

Third, the diamond world circulation

Unlike ordinary futures investment in commodities, there is no daily price volatility. Nor is there any government that will stockpile diamond inventories, so governments in all countries will not control or affect the diamond free trade market. In addition, diamonds can easily be sold anywhere in the world as their international demand exceeds supply.

Fourth, the diamond price to rise

Diamonds are the oldest stones in the world and their resources are not renewable, which makes diamonds more precious and attracts more and more people’s attention to diamonds. Looking back at the diamond market, diamonds have been steadily growing at an average rate of 10% per annum for nearly 100 years, with little or no decline. At the same time, with the different sizes and qualities of diamonds, the proportion of value-added varies greatly. The majority of diamonds have significant potential for appreciation of high-quality diamonds.

Five, rare diamond production

Industry reports show that global demand for diamond ornaments has hit a record high in 2016. Demand for diamonds has continued to grow in the turbulent market economy in the past year but pressure from the upstream should not be overlooked and new output in the coming years will not catch up The projected decline in the existing mine production is expected to put diamond supply to a standstill in the next five years and begin to decline in 2020.

replica Cartier jewelry

replica Cartier jewelry

In short, judging from the development track of the market, diamond prices are not like the ups and downs of gold and the high risk of investment in works of art. They are basically the steady trend of rising and will become the new weapon for investment collection. Expert analysis, high-quality carat diamond market is good, both for the diamond industry to bring new opportunities, will also bring a new round of industry consolidation and shuffling. The integration of upstream high-quality diamond resources, the anticipation of consumer demand, the organization of marketing activities have prompted cheap Cartier jewelry, replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and other brands into a whole new era.

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